Lucy looking pretty

Lucy looking pretty
Aren't I a sweet wee lass?

Monday, 9 May 2011

Travelling and Learning : Isobel's life quotes

The other day I was talking about things that I like. Well, today I'm going to talk about short phrases that I like.

I read a book once (well I've read lots of books) by Anne Tyler. Actually I've read a few of her books. They're quite interesting books. But this one in particular had the words "Travelling and Learning". For some reason these words stuck in my mind. I think that it refers to the journey through life. At least, I like to think that's what it means. I try to look at life that way.

I also like the phrase "Moon over Water". It sounds nice. Very calm and relaxing. It's how I view meditation. Moon over water is symbolic in meditation. It represents the calmness of the mind and seeking clarity.

Life is uncertain, eat pudding first ... I aspire to this every day! Jelly, jelly and more jelly!

Don't whistle with custard in your mouth : common sense really, but it's just such a brilliant saying!

Never stand up in a canoe : again common sense and not something I'm ever going to try!

Sit down your rockin' the boat. Nicely Nicely sang this in Guys & Dolls. It's just such a chirpy song. Now that was a super musical and I'd like to see it again sometime.

Tight shoes show in the face : hmm one of those 'been there, done that' comments!

And let's finish with this amazing little gem :
"There's no problem that can't be ignored if we really put our minds to it." King Ralph. 

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