Lucy looking pretty

Lucy looking pretty
Aren't I a sweet wee lass?

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A little update.

Well, it's been a while since I last updated my blog. Lots has happened, some good things and some not so good things.

Firstly, I lost my darling wee Lucy to cancer on the 16th of June. Was very sudden and a bit of a shock. Still miss her so much that at times it hurts. But she's up there at Rainbow Bridge having fun and waiting for me. My wee lassie lamb was a bit of a rascal but she also brought a smile to the face of everyone she met. 

I've still been making jewellery, but not so much these days. I've started doing a little sewing and am at last using up my fabric stash. Have done a little baking as well. I've been enjoying the Crafters Network meetings, although I don't really contribute too much these days on account of not really doing any craft fairs this year. 

We've been away in the van a few times lately which has been fun. Last trip was to Ravenglass which has lovely and relaxing and we had some pretty good weather. 

I've done a few card readings lately which I've enjoyed. I have bookings for charity / fundraising events this month. A local school, nursing home and Dogs Trust. It's all for charity or fundraising so all the cash I make is donated to them. 

Unfortunately the Development Circle hasn't restarted this year, but maybe next year. If it's to restart then that will happen when the time is right.

We recently changed my wee car because the dealer contacted me and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. So I didn't refuse. My new car is very smart (?!?!?) and she's called Clementine. 

Well will work on more updates soon. Many thanks for reading!