Lucy looking pretty

Lucy looking pretty
Aren't I a sweet wee lass?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Beautiful Sunday ... beautiful photo ... purple hat day

I came across this photo quite a while ago and thought it was beautiful. It's also purple which is one of my favourite colours. Purple is a very interesting colour. My very favourite colour is blue, and purple is like a shade of blue. There's something very soothing and calming about purple. It tends to make me feel quite, umm, thoughtful and maybe a bit pensive. I guess what I mean is that it makes me think about things. It also makes me feel thankful for what I have in my life, and by that I mean the people in my life (yes, all you guys and gals reading this amazing, life affirming blog). It's funny how some people only come into your life for a short while, but others are always there. And, it's really nice when you have this type of friendship:

The best friend you can have is one you can sit on the porch with and not say a word,
then get up and feel like that was the best conversation you've ever had.
Of course, even although it says friends, it also means my family ... you are my friends, my circle, my buddies. 
When I wear purple, I always feel good about myself. It also makes me feel very positive about life and what I would like to do with my time. I've always liked purple. When I was about 16 I had a purple skirt and a lilac ribbed top, it was sleeveless but had a roll neck (actually, I think the top might have been Fiona's!). I always loved wearing them together. For some reason it seemed very daring! Mind you, that might have been because I usually wore my school uniform and so anything other than that would seem daring ... anyway, I digress. Wearing that outfit used to make me feel quite grown up, sadly I didn't realise that 40 years later there would be a Purple Hat poem circling the world and that purple would then symbolise women of mature years, with poor dress sense, but with a fantastic sense of humour! Well, I reckon that about sums me up. My dress sense is, at best, questionable ... BUT ... I did buy a jacket last week and the nice lady in the shop said to me ... "you do know that's the jacket Twiggy wears in the advert, don't you?"  So, I may not have dressed like (or looked like) Twiggy way back when, but now in my purple hat years, clearly I do. She may be a little taller, a little less well rounded but clearly she has good dress sense. As for my sense of humour ... well only you guys and gals know the answer to that one!

Anyway, all this rambling about purple is not only because of the picture, but also because tomorrow I should take delivery of my fantastic purple handbag! When it arrives, I shall dress up in my bright pink Horse and Hound Hoodie (thank you Valerie), with my purple bag (with my little Highland Pony, Hamish attached ... again thank you Valerie), with my new holiday shoes and my grey hair ... hmm, all that's missing is the purple hat (but I do have some beautiful purple ribbon) ... but clearly as I don't have a purple hat, I'm now officially not old and grey (just a little grey). Of course, I hope you all realise that this will be the outfit I wear as I board the Continental Airlines flight, entering the business class area with dignity, grace and elegance (and ask immediately where the toilet is) looking just like Jackie O (yes, I'll remember my sunglasses [I hope]). I'll arrive in the US looking every inch the supermodel. People will think that I've spent my whole life travelling business class ... little will they know that I hate flying and will have endured a 7 or 8 hour white knuckle ride from Glasgow.

Well, enough rambling for now, I really need to get back to my parapsychology studying. But before I finish ... to all you Purple Hat Gals out there ... have a Beautiful Sunday!  

PS : I've just remembered ... I used to wear some fantastic little love beads with my lilac top ... now, there's a blast from the past!!!!!!

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