Lucy looking pretty

Lucy looking pretty
Aren't I a sweet wee lass?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Things to do on a wet summer afternoon in July!

Well, most of you will be aware that we've had some pretty dreadful weather this summer.  Lots of summer events have been cancelled because of the rain, however, Wimbledon has continued.  Now, I like watching tennis, and now that I'm retired I've got the opportunity of watching Wimbledon Fortnight on TV.  What's even better is that we now have a Scot in the final.  So guess who'll be watching TV tomorrow afternoon!

I've been having a look at some of my jewellery and I'm still trying to sort out the FB page for Treasures.  This is getting a bit closer to being sorted and my amazing niece Jennifer has kindly offered to sort it out for me.  I do believe that on Monday afternoon she's going to have a look at it and make sure it's all set up properly for me.  She's also offered to sort out a web site for me!  I suspect that I will owe her pretty big-time once it's all sorted.  Hmm, perhaps I should also be thinking of doing a Treasures by Isobel blog?  But if I do a blog, I wonder if anyone will actually read it. 

I came across this little photo on the internet the other day, and thought I'd share it with you all:

As it was our silver wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago, we were out for lunch a few times. On the Friday, we went with the family to the local Frankie & Benny's for a nice lunch and a couple of glasses of wine.  We had a really nice time, but all my photos include the grandchildren, so I won't be posting any here. However on the Monday (which was our actual anniversary) we wnt to the Melville Inn at Lasswade and had a beautiful lunch (and a few glasses of wine) with Rita and Eddie:

L-R : Mike, moi, Rita and Eddie.  It's a shame that it appears that I'm the only one drinking alcohol, but then that's nothing new!

Here are a couple of wedding photos (don't we all look young!): 

 L-R : My oldest brother, Ken, my Mum, moi and Mike. 
L-R : Arlene, Mike, moi and my Mum looking fondly down on me with a little smile on her face!

Earlier this year my sister was in Singapore for a few weeks, and had a super-fabby time. As I was feeling ever so slightly jealous, she sent me this photo:

Now many of you know that I'm pretty well into family history and genealogy.  Well, I spent YEARS trying to track down a copy of the book "Call to Arms, New Kilpatrick's Response to the Call of the King".  Well I managed to track down a copy which was for sale in a second hand bookseller in Michican.  So I ordered it and within a few days it arrived on my doorstep! To say that I'm ever so slightly exited and thrilled to have my own copy is a bit of an understatement! So, here's what the book looks like and you should know that it's in pretty good nick considering it's 96 years old.  And, as it's 96 years old, that's the very reason that I never thought I'd managed to get myself a copy! So here it is, in glorious technicolour:

Now, it may not look particularly interesting or exciting, but for me it's the most amazing purchase I've made in a  long, long time!  Excited??? You don't know the half of it.

Well, it seems our summer holiday still isn't happening.  Mainly because of the weather.  The thought of being stuck in a motorvan with two dogs doesn't sound like two weeks of fun.  Add to that the likelihood of walking the dogs 3-5 times a day in cold, wet, horrible conditions and it doesn't sound very nice.  And, we'd run the risk of getting bogged down on a site.  At least with the caravan you'd have a chance of towing the van out but with the motorvan, we'd need a tractor or suchlike to pull us out.  But, you know, I do believe that August has to be a bit better that June and July, so all being well we'll get away for a few days then. It's just unfortunate that early in the year we had a couple of really, really nice weeks, but it was a bit early in the season for us fair-weather motorvan folks (mainly because I don't like walking the dogs in the dark at the caravan sites, particularly as they tend to be very dark (on account of no street lights etc) and also I'd be walking in areas I don't know and oftentimes you have to walk the dogs along the side of fairly busy / twisty roads.  Not ideal late at night!  So, hopefully August and September will be better for us.  I did think that we were being a bit lazy about the whole motorvan in horrible weather thing, but our neighbour across the road who will caravan in all weathers has also not considered attempting to take the van out in this weather and like us reackons it'll be towards the end of the summer before he'll be happy to give it a try.  

Unfortunately with the horrible wet weather, Lucy and Mickey haven't been getting the running around that they'd really like.  They are out every day, but they get so wet running around the field that Lucy sometimes gets a wee chill and that's not ideal for my we puppy girl. 

On Thursday cousin Valerie popped through to visit us, and we had a little afternoon of retail therapy (followed by pizza!).  I bought myself a lovely little pink hat (which Valerie assured me 'looked cute') and a pair of gore-tex walking boots (for ONLY £33 = BARGAIN) and a nice handbag which I've already started using.  It'll be ideal for carrying my 'stuff' as well as carrying a little bottle of water. Ideal!

Well, I guess that's about all for now. Hope you're all still enjoying my blog and please feel free to make any comments (let's me know that someone is actually reading it), and please remember to click the link to become a follower.  

Many thanks all ......................... Isobel