Lucy looking pretty

Lucy looking pretty
Aren't I a sweet wee lass?

Monday, 31 October 2011

Been a while

Well, it's been a while since I updated my blog. Been busy, busy, busy.

We went down south for a week or so at the end of September there. Fortunately, we picked the week that we had the amazing summer weather. Pretty fantastic huh? We had a lovely week, and visited a few museums and generally just had a relaxing time.

Our Lucy went to her new petsitter and from what we can gather she had an absolute ball. One-to-one with her petsitter, making new doggie friends and chillin' out of an evening with a full body and head massage (yes, LucyLu, not me!). The petsitter has fallen in love with our LucyLu and is happy to have her back any time she wants to visit.  We've met up with the petsitter a couple of times since, so Lucy hasn't missed her too much.

Well, since my last blog, we have a new addition to our household (a four-legged addition!).  LucyLu has a new big brother called Mickey, he's 7 years old (or thereabouts) and he's a black lab. Big guy, but pretty friendly.  He's settled in well, and loves eating, eating, eating, sleeping, playing with toys and, well, eating some more.  He has a very good appetite and the tub of dried dog food that would normally last me about 7-10 days is now lasting me barely 2 1/2 days.

Unfortunately Mickey had a bit of an upset tum last week, and a couple of mornings we had a major clear-up operation (actually, that should say I, not we) but enough said of that.  His first trip to the vet and a few quid lighter we now have a settled tum (and Mike paid the bill!).

We had him off his lead today (not intentionally, he slipped his collar!) and he zoomed straight over to play with Lucy and her Zinger (yes, she's a good girl, she shared her Zinger).  They had fun running around at Bankton Mains for a half hour or so and then we continued our walk, came home, had a cuppa and some lunch. 

Oh, and today I did a pirouette in the mud and came home all mucky and muddy.  All mucky clothes are now in the wash and I'm now going to head for the shower.

I've been a bit under the weather lately, and am still a bit tired and headachy so tonight I'm going to have an early night with my lovely new Kindle and read some books and enjoy a bedtime cup of tea. I've been struggling to get up in the morning, so hopefully an early night will get me sorted out once and for all.

Mike suggested that I should take it easy and take a little time out to relax. So, I suggested that he pay for a nice spa day for me ('cos I'm worth it) and even sent him a link for a local Spa (in Broxburn) and even gave him the link for a couple of nice treatments I'm sure I would enjoy.  So far, he hasn't even mentioned having opened the email.

Oh, the news here is that we have a nice new Hobbycraft shop opened up in Livingston. So, I've been sussing out all their jam-making equipment cos this winter I fancy making some home made jams etc. I've suggested that I draw up the list and Mike buys it for my Christmas. So far I haven't had a very positive or encouraging response from him, but I'm still working on it.

Now that winter's almost upon us, I've been making some home-soup.  I made some leek and potato soup at the weekend and tonight / tomorrow I'm going to make some yummy lentil and bacon soup (I just pick out all the bacon and dump it into Mike's bowl). And I thought later in the week I'd make some tomato and veg soup which is always nice. I also fancy making some tomato soup. I'm not awfully keen on cream of tomato (but Mike loves it) and several years ago I had some very nice tomato soup, which was home made (not by me) and I'm going to try to give that a go. I'm still going to make a Christmas Cake this year, and also a Christmas Pudding. I also fancy doing some other stuff, but not sure what exactly.  I'm also planning on stockpiling some tins of food (soup, spag bol [yuk! but Mike likes it] and stuff) just in case we have a bad winter again.  At least this time I won't have to go to work in the bad weather ... shades of the morning I was driving along the Craigiehall road with no other tyre tracks to guide me, the same day that they closed the camp just before lunchtime (I finished at 1 o'clock) and I thought I wasn't going to get home from work ... that was the same day that Bob insisted I take his huge army jacket home with me (came down to my knees) just in case I got stuck en-route!

I've been getting stuck into my parapsychology course and am really enjoying it. Helping me to get my favourite subject into perspective.  And it's nice to communicate with like-minded people who don't look at me as if I'm a bit weird.

Because I haven't been up to much lately, on account of not feeling good, I've been cracking on with my crochet. For those of you who don't know, I'm making a huge wooly blanket for the bed. I reckon that by the time it's finished it'll have cost me about £100 (haven't told Mike that yet). Only problem is that when I'm working on it, it lies over my lap / legs and I end up getting very, very hot.

We've got the fence in the garden finished off (courtesy of Mickey climbing the 6' fence at Dogs Trust) and hopefully the garden is now Mickey-proof.  We've also had some builders round and we're waiting for estimates for the new room we hope to put on at the back of the house, at the kitchen.  We're hoping the work will be started in the spring and finished for the summer ... fingers crossed please!

Well, as Forrest Gump says ... that's all I've got to say about that!

Bye for now folks and happy reading..............