Lucy looking pretty

Lucy looking pretty
Aren't I a sweet wee lass?

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Update : Lucy 'Born to Run' Lyman

Hello again everyone ... this is just a quick additional blog before I get to work on two trays of tablet ordered for collection at 9.30am tomorrow morning.

Well, as you all know, Lucy aka 'Born to Run' has just spent three weeks with Jacqui from K9 Friends for her summer holidays. When we got Lucy back yesterday evening she seemed incredibly tired, and in addition had turned into a lean, mean, running machine. She's slept for pretty much 24 hours, and has only now lost her sleepyhead little pupplewup face. It appears that she has had lots of walking (or in Lucy's case, running!). She had a walk for an hour with Jacqui and her own dogs each morning, then she was out for the lunchtime run with the other 'doggie-walking' clients and if Jacqui took her doggies for an afternoon walk, well then Lucy also tagged along. And as if that wasn't enough walking for a wee doggie ... when Jacqui's lodger went out for a jog / run, well then, he took Li'll Lucy along with him. Hence the reason for Lucy being returned to us in Sleepyhead Pupplewup / Lean, Mean, Running Machine mode.

And just to make her feel at home this evening, she had fish'n'chips from the chippie for her tea tonight.

And that's all I've got to say about that!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Gee it's good to be back home again!

Well it's good to be back home again. We had a busy few weeks there and enjoyed ourselves in Chicago. Travelling 'posh class' was an interesting experience with the first two hours or so of each flight being spent eating. Fine on the flight out from Glasgow but on the return flight from Newark this was on top of two weeks of super-size meals. But, I did have a wee glass of champagne on the return flight, which was rather nice. I've got lots of souvenirs and still came back home with some money in my back pocket. Lucy will be back home in a wee while. According to the petsitter, Lucy likes to bark. I already knew that but it seems the petsitter is surprised that dogs bark. Seems strange to me that she didn't already know this amazing and little known fact about dogs. Mind you, perhaps she was meaning that Lucy's barking was excessive. I won't ask, just in case. She must have behaved herself because the petsitter said that she'd have Lucy back. Well, must dash ... got to get Lucy's bed back into the car and check I have her beloved zinger and I'll take her for a quick walk on the way home.

In my next blog I'll tell you all about my purple ice cream, donuts, pizza, posh houses and gardens, Rascal Raleigh, humidity, air conditioning, supersized meals, airport tours and other interesting and exciting things. I'll also tell you about how amazingly excited Americans get when they hear a Scottish accent, and how they all just absolutely want to visit Scotland. I'm also pleased to report that not one Anerican asked me where Scotland is, however, sadly several did ask what part of England I came from and at least two people thought I was Irish. Very few Americans seemed capable or able to understand my accent, however, Peter was an excellent translator. By the end of my holiday I was getting used to the smiling look that said in a kindly way ... what a strange little lady you are, but I like you so I'll smile nicely to you.

And that's all I've got to say about that!

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Well, we've arrived safely, eventually. Several hours late, and having boarded the flight at Newark 3 times, we eventually took off just over six hours late, in the thunder and lightening and heavy rain. But, we made it to Chicago at 10.30pm and had to wait in the 'alleyway' for half an hour before we got a parking spot. Going 'Posh Class' was interesting, the first three hours or so of the flight from Glasgow was spent eating, which was nice. We could have had champagne, but I decided on a nice cup of tea instead. Actually, I had several nice cups of tea. Our steward was called Marcel and he had a very, very nice voice.

I visited the bank with Diane yesterday and the nice lady there gave me a free pen.  I've been to the supermarket where Diane gave me coupons to get money off some nice biscuits. I bought a few things for Mike and I, and I got a coupon to get $1 off if I bought two boxes of All Bran ... I'm just working out who would like a souviner of a box of Kellogs All Bran from the good old USofA. Any takers?  Today I got money off when I went to the pet store. It seems that 'extreme couponing' is fast becoming a habit!

Had Pizza, been shopping and have myself a new baseball hat.  Been to the local petstore and spotted lots of toys Lucy would like to have.  Raleigh is being a perfect pooch and has taken to both Mike and myself very well.  He escorts me around the house (hoping for sweeties) and likes to bark (loudly). We've been watching lots of wildlife, and I have some photos of the local chipmunk.

Anyway grilled fillet steak and twice cooked potatoes are calling ... along with a small bottle of wine that I bought myself yesterday. 

Will keep you all updated with our escapades!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Chicago ... my kinda town : continued

Just checked into the Skylounge and waiting to go Posh Class! Just deciding on what to have for breakfast whilst I watch the plebs taking off on Am planning on heading to sunshine and leaving you all here with the wind, rain, thunder and lightening! I'll say it again ... missing y'all and see y'all again real soon. Have a nice day all!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My kinda town ... Chicago is! My kinda town....

Well we're on our way! Got money in my pocket, passport in my bag, tickets in my hand ... Blue jeans on, baseball cap on my head, shades on ... Chicago here we come! Missing y'all already and see y'all real soon!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Little stones and primal termites and other ramblings.

How happy is the little stone
That rambles in the road alone
And doesn’t care about careers
And exigencies it never fears
Whose coat of elemental brown
Some passing universe put on
And independent as the sun
Associates or glows alone
Fulfilling absolute decree
In casual simplicity. 
         Written by Emily Dickinson

Some primal termite knocked on wood.
And tasted it, and found it good.
And that is why your Cousin May
Fell through the parlor floor today.
By Ogden Nash

Moon Over Water ... Where dreams begin. 

Don't be someone else's slogan because you are poetry. (Gwen Cummings, 28 Days) 
That's all folks!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Today .....

I've just been to an 18th birthday afternoon tea. The weather was beautiful and we sat outside most of the afternoon. The birthday girl looked lovely in a short 'chiffon' coral dress. Made me think of a lovely yellow dress I made for myself way back when. It got me to thinking back to my youth, and the days when I could wear mini skirts. In those days girls couldn't even wear trousers to work, even on bitterly cold days if you wore trousers to work then you had to change into a skirt as soon as you arrived. Then, about 10 years later girls were allowed to wear trousers but only if they were part of a trouser suit. How times have changed. I can't remember when last I wore a skirt. Trousers are just so much more comfortable ... and practical. It just shows how times have changed and attitudes to spending money. 18 year old Jenna had a new outfit for her afternoon tea in the garden party, a new outfit for dinner out in a top Edinburgh restaurant tonight, a new outfit for lunch out with her boyfriend tomorrow and a new outfit for a party tomorrow night. And she has a beautiful emerald green gown for her prom. I would get a new dress for the school Christmas party. I can't complain I've bought new clothes for my holidays and virtually all of them have been reduced in price. I got two cardigans yesterday which had been reduced in price twice, then went through the till at an even lower price and I then got a further 25% off! Ah well ... Those were the days eh!?!

And ... I'm very jealous ... Valerie seems to have bought herself a 'The Maple Kind' t-shirt : I'm so, so jealous, I want one too!

Must go have a cuppa now and get the dinner on.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Beautiful puppy : in a world gone mad you have the ability to make everyone smile. (and other random thoughts)

Well, the forecast is lookin' good for today and tomorrow. The weekend? Well, not so good. Olympia Fields is lookin' good though! Still got just a few bits and bobs to get but basically we're sorted.

Looking forward to going down to Cramond later today (taking lots of water for Lucy) and strolling along the foreshore. This will help with my daily target of 20,000 steps ... which has remained elusive for two years now, but reached yesterday and the day before!

Well, yesterday the car parks in the shopping centre started charging for parking. I really object to this. If you want to just pop up to the bank or buy a birthday card or a magazine (bearing in mind our local shop burned down a few weeks ago) it's gonna cost big bucks. So today Mike will drop me at the shops, I'll go for a couple of errands, and he'll come back to collect me. So upshot is that perhaps these parking charges are a blessing in disguise. Mike doesn't have to go wandering aimlessly round the shops and I get peace to browse to my heart's content!

Here's a few nice quotes to get the day off to a good start:

I aspire to be cash poor but emotionally rich.

Beautiful puppy: In a world gone mad you have the ability to make everyone smile. 

Dear Lord, please keep your arm around my shoulder ... and your hand over my mouth! Amen. 

Uh Dude, she called you awkward. 

Loves attention. Cats, not so much. 

Ramona: (to Birdee) Well, maybe you were special. But then again, maybe you were just like the rest of us, except you were riding around on flowers made of toilet paper.

Never eat yellow snow! 

Purple rules OK!

Well, morning coffee x 2 finished, so time to get ready and hit the shops.

Have a good day all and see y'all again real soon!

Bye for now......