Lucy looking pretty

Lucy looking pretty
Aren't I a sweet wee lass?

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Beautiful puppy : in a world gone mad you have the ability to make everyone smile. (and other random thoughts)

Well, the forecast is lookin' good for today and tomorrow. The weekend? Well, not so good. Olympia Fields is lookin' good though! Still got just a few bits and bobs to get but basically we're sorted.

Looking forward to going down to Cramond later today (taking lots of water for Lucy) and strolling along the foreshore. This will help with my daily target of 20,000 steps ... which has remained elusive for two years now, but reached yesterday and the day before!

Well, yesterday the car parks in the shopping centre started charging for parking. I really object to this. If you want to just pop up to the bank or buy a birthday card or a magazine (bearing in mind our local shop burned down a few weeks ago) it's gonna cost big bucks. So today Mike will drop me at the shops, I'll go for a couple of errands, and he'll come back to collect me. So upshot is that perhaps these parking charges are a blessing in disguise. Mike doesn't have to go wandering aimlessly round the shops and I get peace to browse to my heart's content!

Here's a few nice quotes to get the day off to a good start:

I aspire to be cash poor but emotionally rich.

Beautiful puppy: In a world gone mad you have the ability to make everyone smile. 

Dear Lord, please keep your arm around my shoulder ... and your hand over my mouth! Amen. 

Uh Dude, she called you awkward. 

Loves attention. Cats, not so much. 

Ramona: (to Birdee) Well, maybe you were special. But then again, maybe you were just like the rest of us, except you were riding around on flowers made of toilet paper.

Never eat yellow snow! 

Purple rules OK!

Well, morning coffee x 2 finished, so time to get ready and hit the shops.

Have a good day all and see y'all again real soon!

Bye for now......


  1. Just out of interest, did Mike actually campaign for these parking charges? A stroke of genius methinks.

  2. If I find out that you're right, he's either in big trouble or he deserves a large bowl of strawberries, cream and meringue. I'll need to ponder and contemplate the issue to work out which!