Lucy looking pretty

Lucy looking pretty
Aren't I a sweet wee lass?

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Well, we've arrived safely, eventually. Several hours late, and having boarded the flight at Newark 3 times, we eventually took off just over six hours late, in the thunder and lightening and heavy rain. But, we made it to Chicago at 10.30pm and had to wait in the 'alleyway' for half an hour before we got a parking spot. Going 'Posh Class' was interesting, the first three hours or so of the flight from Glasgow was spent eating, which was nice. We could have had champagne, but I decided on a nice cup of tea instead. Actually, I had several nice cups of tea. Our steward was called Marcel and he had a very, very nice voice.

I visited the bank with Diane yesterday and the nice lady there gave me a free pen.  I've been to the supermarket where Diane gave me coupons to get money off some nice biscuits. I bought a few things for Mike and I, and I got a coupon to get $1 off if I bought two boxes of All Bran ... I'm just working out who would like a souviner of a box of Kellogs All Bran from the good old USofA. Any takers?  Today I got money off when I went to the pet store. It seems that 'extreme couponing' is fast becoming a habit!

Had Pizza, been shopping and have myself a new baseball hat.  Been to the local petstore and spotted lots of toys Lucy would like to have.  Raleigh is being a perfect pooch and has taken to both Mike and myself very well.  He escorts me around the house (hoping for sweeties) and likes to bark (loudly). We've been watching lots of wildlife, and I have some photos of the local chipmunk.

Anyway grilled fillet steak and twice cooked potatoes are calling ... along with a small bottle of wine that I bought myself yesterday. 

Will keep you all updated with our escapades!

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