Lucy looking pretty

Lucy looking pretty
Aren't I a sweet wee lass?

Friday, 3 June 2011

Today .....

I've just been to an 18th birthday afternoon tea. The weather was beautiful and we sat outside most of the afternoon. The birthday girl looked lovely in a short 'chiffon' coral dress. Made me think of a lovely yellow dress I made for myself way back when. It got me to thinking back to my youth, and the days when I could wear mini skirts. In those days girls couldn't even wear trousers to work, even on bitterly cold days if you wore trousers to work then you had to change into a skirt as soon as you arrived. Then, about 10 years later girls were allowed to wear trousers but only if they were part of a trouser suit. How times have changed. I can't remember when last I wore a skirt. Trousers are just so much more comfortable ... and practical. It just shows how times have changed and attitudes to spending money. 18 year old Jenna had a new outfit for her afternoon tea in the garden party, a new outfit for dinner out in a top Edinburgh restaurant tonight, a new outfit for lunch out with her boyfriend tomorrow and a new outfit for a party tomorrow night. And she has a beautiful emerald green gown for her prom. I would get a new dress for the school Christmas party. I can't complain I've bought new clothes for my holidays and virtually all of them have been reduced in price. I got two cardigans yesterday which had been reduced in price twice, then went through the till at an even lower price and I then got a further 25% off! Ah well ... Those were the days eh!?!

And ... I'm very jealous ... Valerie seems to have bought herself a 'The Maple Kind' t-shirt : I'm so, so jealous, I want one too!

Must go have a cuppa now and get the dinner on.

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