Lucy looking pretty

Lucy looking pretty
Aren't I a sweet wee lass?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2012

Well, haven't updated my blog for AGES so thought I'd get that sorted pronto! 

Another year to enjoy my retirement, and another year to make a plan. It doesn't have to be a good plan, or a great plan, it just needs to be a plan. 

I enjoyed my parapsychology course last year and received my certificate around Christmastime. A few of us have been keeping in touch and hopefully we'll continue to do so. It was an interesting course and has me hankering to do another one sometime.

I've been reading a few books on my Kindle:
'Eat, Pray, Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert. I saw the film on TV a while back and enjoyed it so bought the book. Have to say, I think the book is far better than the film. Sort of shades of Shirley Valentine. 
'All That is Bitter and Sweet' by Ashley Judd. It's her memoir. Again I downloaded it on my Kindle. I wasn't too sure about it when I downloaded it, but I do like Ashley Judd so I decided to buy it. I'm only part-way through but I think it's pretty interesting. Glad I bought it. 
'Feel FAB at 50' by Sue Donnelly. I've been reading a few of the Colour me Beautiful books lately to get an idea of the colours that suit me. I have to say, they're pretty interesting and I'm getting a good idea of what suits me. I came across the Sue Donnelly book purely by accident and it's a thumpin' good read. She explains not just what colours suit, but also styles for body shape and also styles for my age. 

We've not been doing as much walking lately as we'd hoped, purely because of the weather. Poor old laddie Mickey had been put on a diet. He's gained 5kg since we got him in October. Not good as he has arthritis. So, now he's joined me on a diet. Lucy is doing fine and when we took them both for a walk at Dechmont Law (site of a UFO incident about 25 or so years ago, google it for more info) Lucy got a super surprise when we bumped into her beloved petsitter, Caroline. 

We're trying to get back into the habit of getting up a bit earlier. Not at 6am (like when we were working) but around 7 or 7.30 would be good. Just now it's usually around 7.30 to 8.30 before we get up and by the time we've sorted our guy and gal for their morning constitutional round the garden, had breakfast, showered and dressed and then taken our guy and gal for their walk, half the day has gone. So we need to get it sorted, double quick pronto. 

I've got the TV in the spare room moved so that I can watch it when I'm using the treadmill. So, I'm watching 24 (again) and starting from series 1. Gotta get my weight-loss journey started again! Aim to be at or close to my goal weight by our anniversary in June. I plan on celebrating our 25th anniversary in a smaller size! 

Well that's about all for now ... didn't want you all to think I'd forgotten about, or given up on, my blog. 

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2012. 

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  1. I think if I was watching Jack Bauer on a treadmill I would end up sprinting for 24 hours!!