Lucy looking pretty

Lucy looking pretty
Aren't I a sweet wee lass?

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Update ... update ... update

Well, at last time to get my blog updated! I know most of you will think that I've forgotten about my blog, but I haven't, I just haven't had time to update, been busy with my new hobby, but more of that later!

Well the last few days have been beautiful. Unseasonably warm and sunny, and we've had afternoon tea in the summerhouse twice within the last few days. On the first day, Mickey went exploring (he's not really been in the side garden much, until now). Anyway, he went exploring. After he'd vanished from view for a few moments, I decided I'd go and check up on what he was up to. I found him behind the garage ... trapped! He'd gone wombling along, clambered over wood, plastic pipes (guttering stuff?!?) and gone to the far end of the space at the back of the garage, decided he was stuck and started crying. Have you ever heard a big lump of a barrel-sized black lab crying? Well ... you don't want to hear it, I'm sure the neighbours thought we were being bad to our boy! Anyway, mummy (in slippers) to the rescue. I managed to get him to 'back up' (not an easy task with a dog who's not been taught the 'back up' command!). Got him backed up a few steps, and he reckoned he was free and did a u-turn, bashing me against the back of the garage in his haste to get out, and clambered out, rushed up to his Dad, as if to say, I was stuck Dad, but I got out ... silly Mummy is still stuck at the back of the garage! Anyway, excitement over, today when we had afternoon tea in the summerhouse, Mickey went exploring ... again! This time he went round the back of the summerhouse. We were sitting quietly chatting and supping our tea, relaxing in the late afternoon sunshine, chatting about our lovely afternoon at Cramond with the family, Laura's skating skills, Arlene's skating skills, Gran's lack of skating skills. We were just relaxing, enjoying the beautiful weather and the sunshine, when all of a sudden we heard a very loud CRASH! BANG! WALLOP! We were out of the summerhouse in double-quick time (well, I was, Mike just sat on supping his cuppa tea) and rushed to find Mickey (clearly assuming he was the culprit). He came clambering out from behind the summerhouse and rushed straight inside to Mike (ignoring me) and when I checked out I discovered that all the stuff stored behind the summerhouse was all over the place and fencing, pipes, and various other assorted bits and pieces were all over the place ... fortunately nothing was actually damaged, it was just all over the place ... oh, Silly Mickey!

We were down at Cramond today, and I'm hoping that as the good weather is here to stay for a few days, I can get my bike out for next time we're at Cramond ... nice flat shorefront, good path and during the day on a weekday it'll be fairly quiet!

I'm starting to get my little business organised. For those not in the know, it's called 'Treasures by Isobel' and inially I'll be doing little jewellery items, and have made lots of handbag charms, key rings and little evening purse charms. I'm now going to make some bracelets, necklaces and earrings. I should say that Lesley has very kindly shown me some basic 'jewellery-making techniques' and I've become ever so slightly hooked. But, she'll still be coming along later in the year for my annual Christmas Cards and Jewellery party ... it's become a bit of a 'Lyman Household Tradition' so it will continue.  I'm really enjoying my new hobby and hopefully my little business venture will enjoy a small measure of success. I'm hoping that it will eventuall include my interest in 'new age' stuff and I can also include things like pendulums, crystals and suchlike. But, time will tell ... small steps to start with. I've got a corporate image now, and here's a copy of my 'Treasures by Isobel; logo:
I think it's very pretty, and am very pleased with it. I've got some business cards, t-shirt and baseball cap ordered.  Here are a couple of the little handbag charms that I've made:
This is a little black and white charm, with little black and white heart beads:
This one is a little black and white charm, with little black and white hearts. I think it's very pretty and I'm really pleased with it.

 And this one is a little white and silver number.
Again, I'm really pleased with it.

So, it's a start, and I'm enjoying it, so watch this space for more pictures and more updates on what I'm doing.

I'm hoping to go along to a bead fair in May and Valerie has organised for me to go to a jewellery workshop in Irvine at the end of April. Fiona has kindly offered to take some of my handbag charms along to a couple of markets / craft fairs that she's going along to at the end of this month, and early next month. Fingers crossed that someone will buy my wares!

Well, just wanted to update you all about my early retirement adventures!

As Forrest Gump says ... "that's all I've got to say about that".

Early retirement = travelling and learning, travelling and learning!

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