Lucy looking pretty

Lucy looking pretty
Aren't I a sweet wee lass?

Monday, 29 August 2011

Some more ramblings

Well been a wee while since I updated my blog.  I had hoped to upload some photos, but for some obscure and unknown reason the photos are uploading upside down, wrong way round etc so I may only manage to add one photo the right way round.

Well a couple of weeks ago Fiona and I met up with our cousin Eileen in the Willow Tea Rooms in Buchanan Street in Glasgow. It was fun to meet up with a member of our extended family that I don't think I've ever met before.  It didn't seem strange, as I thought it would, it seemed as though we'd known each other for years!  One of the nice waitresses even took our photo for us:
 From left to right : Eileen, Moi, and Fiona.  

After a bite of lunch and a cuppa, we went strolling around Glasgow looking to see if we could spot Brad Pitt who was hanging around Glasgow shooting a movie, sadly I can't remember the name of the movie though. But, I did take this photo of a SWAT van ... all rather exciting stuff for a little countly bumpkin like me ...
It was all rather exciting stuff and seeing the SWAT van made up for not seeing Brad Pitt ... at least for me anyway, perhaps Fiona and Eileen would disagree.

So, what else has been happening round here? Well, my birthday BBQ was good fun, even if it was a bit chilly and damp. A little vino was enjoyed by some of us, in particular me.  Not that I had much to drink, but what I did have I enjoyed.  We had lots of yummy birthday cake and I had hoped to upload some photos, but they're all turned every which way but the right way. So, apologies if you have to look sideways:
Lucy and Zinger birthday cake courtesy of Sarah:  
Ooh ... there's a surprise, it came out the right way round! Yay for me!!!!! 

Yummy GIGANTIC cupcake birthday cake courtesy of Valerie:
Clearly I'm getting the hang of this uploading photos the right way round thing ... smart eh?!?!?

Last week we had Ken down to stay for a couple of nights cos he had a hospital appointment in Edinburgh.  On the night he arrived I made a most excellent shepherds pie and it went down a storm.  Lucy had a little bowl of mince that evening for her dinner and the following evening she had the leftover sheppie pie for her dinner.  It was nice to have a couple of days with Ken, even if it was overshadowed a bit by the stress of his hospital appointment.  That said, on the Friday morning before he went home he came along with me when I took Lucy for her daily constitutional ... Ken's comment during the walk was "cor, look how fast she is!"  Clearly he was very impressed with Lucy's Zinger chasing and catching skills and Lucy was in her element showing her speed and expertise. So, a good time was had by all! 

Anyway, now that I'm on a roll with this uploading photos thing, here are some photos of our Lucy modelling her new handmade Willow's Wisps Doggie Scarf :
Oh what a beautiful wee lass she is!

Now ... doesn't she look smart! She got this yesterday at the Dogs Trust Open Day when she came along for the last hour or so. First stop was to say hello to Auntie Fiona and cousins Eileen and Jennifer as they manned (or should that we womanned?) the Willow's Wisps table. Then she made her way along to see Siobhan at the DG table and then on to me at the tarot table.  No doubt as Mike walked around with her she would have got some very admiring looks.  I'm hoping the she'll now appear on the Willow's Wisps web page.  Of course if anyone would like her pawprint, well then, that could be arranged. 

So, yesterday was a pretty cold day, and I spent three hours in the afternoon sitting outside in the cold giving tarot cards readings to help raise funds for the West Calder Dogs Trust (where we got Lucy).  I'm quite pleased that I raised about £80 for the Trust.  But I did get a nice bunch of flowers and a DG baseball cap so that more than made up for it. I also got a lovely little thank you note from the Dogs Trust doggies and that's been put on on the fridge so that I can read it as and when I want to.  It's just a bit of a pity that the first year Willow's Wisps had a table there, it was probably the coldest it's been.  Last year was so warm that I eventually had to unzip my fleece!

After I got home yesterday afternoon from the open day, I was pretty well chilled to the bone. My little tootsies were like blocks of ice ... pretty bad for a summer's day, don't you think?  So, I got all snuggled up with my fleecy slanket and had a nice cup of hot chocolate and a little cake and watched the most excellent of all musicals GREASE.  The greatest ever musical.  Graeme, Eileen, Jennifer and Sarah will all tell you what a fantastic film it is ... mind you, they may not have watched it since the last time I babysat them all!

Here are a couple of other nice photos, which I think you'll all like.  The first one I took yesterday evening from the back door.  It was a beautiful sunset (after a cold, wet and miserable day) and although it's a good photo, it doesn't do the actual view justice.  But here it is:

And finally, here's a picture of a little fridge magnet I got whilst I was in America:
And I think that about says it all!

So, in true Forrest Gump style, and until next time  ... that's all I've got to say about that!


  1. The film is called World War Z. Its from a book of the same name, which is a follow up to a book called The Zombie Survival Guide. Right up your street, I think!

  2. Ah yup ... sounds right up my street!?!?!
    Maybe I'd prefer Grease!